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January 25, 2012
I feel like I have a total lack of focus tonight and this is going to hinder any ingenious ideas I could be coming up with right now so please bare with me. 

We had our friends Nate and Brian over tonight for tacos and a little reality TV watching which was very fun (and loud!).  I mentioned towards the end of the night that I had recently started a blog and I could not gauge their initial responses. Of course, what I would consider to be a 'typical male response' was something like "You are a blogger!?!?".  I instantly felt embarrassed for something that up until that moment, I was so proud of. 

To be completely honest, I have not been too forthcoming with any of my friends/family about my blog in fear of judgement.  I guess I am not ready to have everyone be a critic.  However, I am putting myself out there and the more I think about it, the people closest to me should have the most support.  I would like to think that Brian will be shortly following this little project of mine as well. 

Ryan keeps telling me I need to start letting people know about my blog but I have such mixed fillings about pushing something I am still trying to figure out on so many levels myself.  I would love to know how other bloggers have felt as their thoughts, ideas, creativity and post became known by their friends and family.  All responses welcome.

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  1. Jamie I agree with you totally. I too have been a wee bit shy to reveal my blog. Also for fear of judgement. I don't mind if a "stranger" finds it, but a real "friend" makes me nervous. We just have to remember that as we grow in style and elelment, so will the blog. I read a great article over at vmac and Cheese on new bloggers. See if it helps you as well. Good luck. And rocco is cute!


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