A Weekend to Remember

January 29, 2012
What a great weekend!  I could not be happier to have had the opportunity to create lasting memories with my family, friends, baby boy and the people I spend 40+ hours a week with! 

Gina and I started it off with our Girls Night on Friday which was a total blast.  On Saturday we took Rocco to his vet appointment where we found out that he has gained 6 whole ounces in the past 4 weeks.  My baby boy has not quite hit the 2 pound mark (he is 1.11 lbs!) but he has finally been cleared to interact with other dogs. 

Saturday finished up with my company post-holiday-holiday party that was themed around your favorite decade... costumes highly encouraged!  Ryan and I dressed in the 2000's decade, a.k.a, we wore clothes out of our own closets.  However, I was thrilled to wear my Michael Kors LBD so I was happy to pass on a costume.  I did get the chance to wear Kim's 80's punk wig at the end of the night which was a bit of a highlight.  Between the dueling pianos, delicious food and the green-screen flip books (I will try to make into video and share tomorrow), it was an awesome night with co-workers who I gladly can call my friends.

To wrap up my weekend of fun, Ryan and I were very productive getting some projects around the house completed.  To reward our hard work, we had a late lunch at Cherry Creek Grill.  I had my favorite, the Nice Little House Salad and Ryan had the juicy Rotisserie Chicken.  The atmosphere is sophisticated without being pretentious, relaxing with the soft lighting and the perfect way to take in the afternoon.  A quick stop at the grocery store to re-stock the fridge and we were back home to continue the relaxation.  I decided to then try my hand at my parents homemade chicken noodle soup which I can proudly say, could give them a run for their money.  My noodles turned out perfect, the broth was silky and the flavor was spot on. 

To say I enjoyed my weekend would be an understatement.  The people, music, flavors, environments and experiences were exactly what I needed after a long week.


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