Love is in the Air

February 7, 2012
Valentine's Day is only a week away and it is a great excuse to fall in love with love.  I typically do a little decoration on our dining room table but this year I decided to take some of the beautiful and creative ideas I found online and expand my decorating and crafting into our main living space. 

Valentine Scrabble (I am going to cut these out and put in cute frames)

There are a few things I did not get pictures of but I defiantly think that my house is filling up with holiday love.  I cannot wait for Ryan to see it in person tomorrow.  The picture does it no justice but I bought these colorful foam hearts at Target that I hung in my dining room at varying heights from string and it is very dramatic.  I feel like I have little heart shaped clouds floating in my house!  However, every photo I took just looked so dumb (I swear it is not!)  I also re-used the cheap frames I bought for table numbers at my wedding, to create some tissue paper art.  I LOVE how they turned out.

The cutest decoration in my house is constantly on the move.  It is my baby Rocco in his new 'Ladies Man' XXS shirt that Brian bought him the other night.  He blends in perfectly with all the decorations.  I will post a photo later this week.  Brian, thank you again for thinking of him and making him even cuter than he already was!

Love Love!

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  1. Love, Love, Love the Valentine decorations!! What a talented lady!!


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