Rocco's First Walk

March 29, 2012
My baby boy is 5 months old and I cannot believe how quickly he has grown and just how much he has changed Ryan and I.  I mentioned it here and since then he has become quite the little toddler... chewing on your fingers, kiss-attacks to the face, learning how to play fetch and finally being able to hold his potty all through the night (seriously, who would have known that potty training would make such a difference!). 

Just yesterday I took my 2lb 5oz bundle of love for a walk around the park a block from our house.  To say he loved it would be a complete understatement.  He pranced around the park with so much gusto and excitement.  He got to meet a cute elderly couple who he hammed it up with by laying in the grass and going crazy over all their affection.  Rocco even met a 90lb Great Dane who was so tender and sweet. 

I know I am a bit bias but just look at how cute he is...

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  1. Precious boy!!! So cute!!! I can't wait until I see him again!


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