Family First

April 11, 2012
Family is of the utmost importance in my life.  I am fortunate to have a fairly large extended family and with the addition of my husband’s, my family has more than doubled in size.  My thought is, the more the merrier.
(Ryan, Virginia and my brother-in-law Luke at a wedding this past summer)
Yesterday my husband and I took his Grandma Virginia to dinner which was well overdue and so much fun.  Ryan suggested we take her to Buffalo Wild Wings which I don’t know why but I found it to be a bit of an ironic location to take a 75 year old woman (I am smiling as I type this!).  IKD, maybe that is just me?!  We had some wings, pretzels and beer and it could not have been a nicer evening.  Ryan’s grandma is one of the sweetest and most genuine women I have ever met.  Her positive outlook and faith is contagious too.
(Gina and I at the Keith Urban concert last fall... I miss my tan!)

Tonight I am spending some time with my best friend who also just happens to be my sister Gina.  She is hosting a party tonight for some friends (more on that tomorrow!) which is sure to be so much fun.

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