Weekend Update

April 8, 2012
The weekend went by way too fast but I must say it was one of the best I've had in some time. 

I spent some time at the part-time-job which I actually really enjoyed.  Something about helping people and getting out of my comfort zone is really challenging and fulfilling to me.  I also bought a new dress that was a big hit and I think a great new addition to my wardrobe because it is versatile and easy to accessorize to give it different looks.

(You can kind of see the dress on me)

We took Rocco on a walk to Starbucks to start our Saturday morning off on the right foot.  The weather was beautiful all weekend and it was nice to give Rocco some exercise before his haircut which now looking at the before and after, was much needed.  Can I just take a moment to say my boy IS SO DAMN CUTE!  I cannot get over his face; honestly I cannot get enough of him.

Ryan and I grabbed a couple drinks at Jax Fish House along with one of my favorite wedge salads in Denver to wind down the day. 

The best part of the weekend, celebrating Easter with my friends and family!!!  The 3rd Annual Eater Brunch at my house was a huge success.  The leek, herb and parmesan frittata was light and delicious, our Honey Baked Ham was (of course) the best part of the meal and the Honey and Ricotta Turnovers that I featured here were so yummy; a definite staple to add to my brunch menu for years to come.  A nice surprise to the menu was Beth's 'Incognito Eggs' which looked like they could be your run-of-the-mill hard boiled eggs but were actually filled with jello once you cracked into them! Oh, and the bloody marys and mimosas did the trick as well so thank you to Beth, Gina and my parents for providing the most important ingredients to make the drinks ever so tasty. 

After brunch Ryan and I headed to his parents' house to celebrate the afternoon with his family.  We had an Easter Egg Hunt for our nieces and nephew, Ryan played 2-on-2 basketball with his brother, step-dad and his sister's boyfriend and we ate more delicious food.  The weather was in the 70's so sitting on the back deck soaking in the sun was the perfect way to take in the afternoon surrounded by so many people I love.

Tomorrow is a big day for me... my company hosts a Rockies Opening Day Party for hundreds of clients and my department just so happens to be the ones who put the whole thing on.  Should be a lot of organized chaos and a bit of fun as well.  Have a great week and Happy Easter to all!


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