Restaurant Review // Park Burger

July 9, 2012
Everyone needs a good neighborhood burger joint and I am happy to say mine is just over a mile away from home.  Park Burger is a family-friendly neighborhood restaurant that has been putting out consistently delicious burgers, shakes and fries in a no-nonsense establishment in the Platt Park 'hood sense 2009.

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Burgers is what they do best; grilling up all natural Harris Ranch beef, topped high with the finest ingredients, served between locally-baked buns that are exclusive to Park Burger.  You cannot go wrong with their traditional Park Burger which is served with tomato, lettuce, onion, pickle and burger sauce.  If simple is not your thing, feel free to add your choice of cheese, hickory smoked bacon, haystack onions or even a fried egg all for about $1.50 each if you so choose.   However, if you venture to their specialty burgers you will be in for a treat too.  A favorite would be the El Chilango, a 1/3lb burger topped with creamy guacamole, spicy jalapenos and gooey cheddar.  Another stand out is the Ahi Tuna burger; a house made patty that is seared to medium and topped with crunchy pickled slaw, guacamole and a zingy ginger-lime aoili.  

What goes better with a burger than house-cut fries and might I suggest, an extra side of their delicious pickles.  Park Burger also offers Parmesan truffle fries as well as sweet potato but they are mere mortals in comparison to the superior, perfectly salted, just crispy enough house fries.  Pair your meal with one of the countless beers available (the majority of which are from local Colorado breweries) or a thick and creamy shake and you have a meal that will have you coming back time and time again.  

Expect to see at least a handful of people standing outside the front entrance every time you visit as this place is always packed.  Just a couple months ago Park Burger took over the store-front next door to nearly double their indoor and outdoor seating space as business has been so good.  A hot summer night or a cool winter afternoon, there is no wrong time to visit Park Burger as I know each visit will have me leaving happy and full.


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