Fall Finds

August 8, 2012
I cannot believe I have not mentioned this yet but my husband and I are heading to Banff, Canada soon for a trip my husband was awarded through work.  I am unbelievably proud of him and his work so this trip is a great way to celebrate all the good that he does. 

(Clockwise from top left:  golf course we will play  /  mountainous beauty  /  Lake Louise  /  our hotel, The Fairmount Banff Springs)

I will quickly admit I had no idea where Banff was when Ryan told me we were heading there just over a month ago (I guess that city was never mentioned in geography class).  Well, it is in the Canadian Rockies, just an hour west of Calgary.  

Right now the forecast is calling for cool 60's and 70's with rain.  I am actually really excited for a few days of cool weather and it got me really jazzed about putting together some cute fall outfits.  Of course, where is the fun in pulling out stuff I already own when I could instead peruse the internet for amazing new items.  There is some great fall stuff coming out... I only wish my bank account could support my obsessions above.  


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