Michael Kors: Black, Gold and Sparkle

August 23, 2012
(Clockwise from top left:  bracelet  /  tote  /  dress  /  ring  /  bootie  /  wallet  /  pants  /  pump)

I am the only one obsessed with the combinations of chic, tough, sleek and metallic elements that Michael Kors has rolled out in his Fall 2012 collection?  I am dying for any of the above pieces as they would be great additions to my closet.  I think I am eyeing the York leather ankle bootie the most but a close second would be the Hamilton studded tote.  

Did I mention my birthday is only a couple months away?  just sayin'....


  1. Absolutely loving the bootie. Great roundup!

  2. I love MK bags can have tons of hardware without looking like they belong in New Jersey or the clearance table at Macy's. It makes me wish I hadn't sold my MK in a fit of closet cleaning this year. Womp womp...


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