358 Days In

September 10, 2012

(our save the dates)

One week from today will be my 1st wedding anniversary.  It is crazy to think 358 days have gone by since I said ‘I do!’ to the man of my dreams.  I feel like I blinked and the year flashed by me yet, there were some pretty monumental things that have happened.  

  • I finally went to Europe (honeymooning in Greece was the best trip of my life BTW). 
  • I changed my legal name (something that still catches me up when I introduce myself from time to time). 
  • I made a huge investment into my home with our backyard renovation. 
  • I got a new SSN, Passport and Driver’s License, on top of switched every email, account, subscription, bank account, password, username that I have ever opened over the past 28 years of my life to my new name.
  • I got a puppy which is the closest thing to a child in my world right now.
  • I fell more in love with my husband than I already was.

(eating cake at our reception)

I have been thinking a lot lately about what marriage means to me… the vows I have made… the foundation and principles that I believe make up a life commitment.  I can honestly say, I am proud of my marriage.  We are strong, honest, respectful, committed and supportive.  Yes we bicker like crazy but it’s part of our relationship’s dynamic and something that keeps us from taking any situation too seriously. 

(outside our church)

I am really looking forward to next Monday September 17th to celebrate our first year of many years to come as husband and wife.


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