Weekend Update

September 11, 2012
This weekend Ryan was out of town so, I filled it to the brim with my family and tasty food.

I had this delicious Banh Mi from one of my favorite delis, Masterpiece Delicatessen.  Banh Mi's are Vietnamese sandwiches traditionally made on a french baguette filled with pickled veggies, fresh cilantro, succulent pork belly and savory pate.  I was in love with my sammy and it met my craving perfectly.

Saturday kicked off with Rocco getting a groom and me getting a cut and color.  

I then went with my parents to Tagawa Gardens and picked out 3 pine trees... one of the last elements for our backyard.  I'll post pictures once they are planted this week but I got two tall and slender Cupressina Spruces and one full and wider North Star Spruce.  Our hope is they will mature and act as an enclosure to make our yard more intimate.

Gina and I had a great dinner at White Chocolate Grill too.  We shared a bottle of zinfandel and the super moist grilled Idaho Trout.  It was paired wonderfully with their seasonal corn salad.

Sunday was the home opener for the Denver Broncos.  Decked out in our Broncos Gear, my family cheered on Peyton Manning and the whole team as Denver took home the win against the Pittsburgh Steelers.  My dad cooked up some great game-day snacks to enjoy too and I honestly can say I miss watching games with my family.  We are such die-hard fans and I love the energy we create.

Rocco could have cared less about the game... he got tired and did a bit of napping; that is until the Broncos scored and we woke him up with our crazy cheering.  He's going to have to get used to this football thing!


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