Falling For Fall

September 5, 2012
September is barely a few days in yet I am already looking past such a delicious and fun month because of all that is to come with the changing of seasons.  I know I need to slow down a bit because this month brings many amazing things... our end of summer backyard BBQ and my first wedding anniversary just to name two.

(Clockwise from top left:  punch bowl  /  vase  /  candle sticks  /  glass containers  /  rattan pumpkins  /  pillows  /  books  /  candles  /  pumpkin vases

However, fall feels like it is just around the corner and I am eagerly waiting in anticipation.  It is the BEST season of them all and it makes me want to decorate, wrap myself up in chunky sweaters, make soups that bubble on the stove all day and drink cider until cinnamon scent is oozing out of me.  Just look at all these great items I found online today.  I give myself until 9/18 (the day after our anniversary) and I am swearing off summer and welcoming in joyful, warm, cuddly fall!


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