Weekend Update

September 4, 2012
Oh Labor Day weekend... you were pretty good to me and I am grateful for that.  

I will say this weekend was harder on me than I expected due to a funeral service I attended for my late friend.  It was a very emotional day, hard to get through and yet, also a celebration of the humor, love and appreciation of life that Keith brought to our world which I am so happy to have witnessed myself.  So, it feels a bit trivial to give you some cutesie pictures of my weekend now.  However, I need to remember that life is full of experiences, people, moments and emotions that are worth sharing and so I am going to do so now.  

(delicious clam pizza from Proto's)

(a teary-eyed toast to Keith over the perfect lunch in his honor)

(tons of sunggle time with Rocco)

(some end of summer pool time with my parents.  I've also almost completed Gone Girl too... it's really good!)

(we also went and saw Dark Night Rises... it was really good and I am happy Ryan was able to finally see it in the theatre)

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  1. I'm so sorry about your friend, Jaime. I sent a little prayer your way and hope next week is better.

    I'm also glad you liked your dress post - it was fun to write!


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