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September 26, 2012

This quote could not be more true and a mantra I try to live by regularly.  

It would perfectly explain the great memories created last night with Ryan, my sister Gina and her new friend Cary.  We went and saw Stomp at the Denver Center for Performing Arts and the energy in the room was heart-pounding, intense, rhythmic and infectious.  Settling into our seats before the house lights went dim stirred up excitement for us all as we were unsure of what the coming 90 minutes was going to bring us.  The rain drizzling outside smelled sweet and gave perfect reason to cuddle up into Ryan's arms as we walked to the car.  Funny stories and jokes between us all put smiles on my face and warmed my belly with laughter.  Quietly playing with Rocco as he played with his ball on the bed before we went to sleep was a relaxing unwind to a busy and fun-packed day.

I have no pictures to share of our wonderful evening and probably not even the best of words to describe it all to you now.  So, I guess all I can say is the night was the bomb dot com!


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