The Green Smoothie

September 12, 2012

(My 1st Green Smoothie)

I have been seeing/hearing Green Smoothie talk and recipes popping up everywhere.  My girlfriend Beth from Hakuna Matata drinks one every day.  Everyone’s method is slightly different but the concept is simple: blending up a mixture of vitamin-rich veggies with antioxidant-filled fruit and then your favorite source of protein and/or calcium-rich liquid to create a creamy smoothie that is easier to consume than eating each of those ingredients individually.

I have tried Beth’s a few times along with drank my fair-share of Odwalla Super Food drinks but never ventured out to make my own.  Well, that was until yesterday.  I blended up a delicious combination of kale, peaches, carrot, banana, soy milk and a few ice cubes to create a frothy and slightly sweet afternoon drink.  Many might think the veggies would overpower the ingredients and make you feel like you are drinking salad but that is not the case.  The sweetness of the fruit balances everything out and the veggies are barely detectable.

(The ingredients for successful smoothies)

I hope to experiment with additional ingredients such as avocado, mango, pineapple, spinach, oats, almonds and Greek yogurt.  Honestly the options are endless and I hope to incorporate the Green Smoothie into my routine a few days a week. 


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