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October 19, 2012
Fun fact about me... I love reading men's lifestyle magazines.  My favorite is GQ and while I subscribe to it for my husband, I might actually read it more consistently than he does (not that I am saying my husband needs to read as he is one of the best dressed people I know).  

I just love all the fashion tips, beautiful spreads and ideas on how to make the items in your closet go further in your everyday.

I recently came across Jack Knows Best, the self-appointed 'Style Wingman' to J.Crew.  Jack is an online site that offers style tips, Q+A's and trending for the well-styled man.  Check out the list below...

The handful of essential items that, no matter what the season, every man should have in his closet...
Spectacles, wallet and watch
Think clean, classic and functional—they don't need to be tricky to do the job they were designed to do (your phone probably has all the bells and whistles you need, anyway). There's something nice about an item with a single practical purpose.
A pair of goes-with-everything chukka boots
You can literally wear them with almost everything else in your closet—yeah, they look great with chinos and shorts, but they also look good dressed up with a suit or paired with jeans and a sportcoat.
The perfect tee
Leave the faded band tees to the college-age crew—and the same goes for bumper sticker tees (save your opinion for your Facebook status update). Opt for a clean, classic style and make sure it fits well because, after all, it's only a T-shirt.
A go-to pair of jeans
Every guy needs that one perfect pair—choose a slim fit with a dark wash, and keep the fit slim and modern so you can dress them up with a sportcoat or throw them on for the weekend. Find the right pair and it's like salt for your wardrobe (they make everything look better).
Clean-cut chinos
They can go pretty much anywhere, from the office to the backyard barbecue (just make sure they're trim and tailored: There's no excuse for dumpy chinos anymore). Also, chinos can get boring pretty quickly, so take license to play with some color: blue, green, even pink—yes, pink (trust me)—all add a nice pop to an otherwise expected look.
Classic sneakers
No bells and no whistles, keep them clean and simple—you want a pair that you can wear everywhere butthe gym. I'm partial to white, but any color works as long as it's somewhat muted. Make sure you keep 'em clean and scuff free if you plan on wearing them to the office.
A great bag
It's not a purse and it's not a gym duffel (it should look manly, not look like it smells manly). It should be neutral enough that you don't have to think about whether or not it's appropriate, either for work or the weekend, and it should be sturdy enough to handle whatever it is you plan on throwing in it—think practical and stylish.
Good-looking off-duty shirt
Because even though you may be off the clock, you're not off the hook when it comes to looking pulled together. Whether it's a washed shirt with a great tartan, a utilitarian-inspired chambray or something in between, it can add a nice sense of texture and depth to your look and is a nice departure from the jeans-and-tee combo.
Classic dress shirts
Wear one that's freshly pressed with an impeccable fit and there's no way you can go wrong. Classic white is always appropriate (try some color in your tie to keep it from skewing boring), but a nice stripe or check works too.
A great-fitting suit
Because an impeccably tailored, sleekly cut suit can instantly transform any guy into a powerful, charismatic man of importance. It's that easy. (It'll also keep you covered for work, weddings, parties and pretty much anything else in between). And I've said it before: taking your suit to a tailor to tweak the fit will make it the best money you ever spent on your wardrobe, whether the suit cost $400 or $4,000.
The unmentionables (socks and boxers)
Keep 'em clean and constantly rotate—it kind of goes without saying.
An all-weather jacket
Because the right outerwear will safeguard your clothes without sacrificing style—and in fact, it can even lend a sense of dignity to your everyday look (there's a reason those dapper dons from the 1920s commanded respect, and it didn't only have to do with the way they did business). The right jacket doesn't need to be high-tech or trendy, but it does need to look sharp, fit well and, most important, be weather appropriate.
The necessary details (belts, ties and pocket squares)
Sometimes the smallest touches make the biggest impact—you may think that no one notices them, but they do. They're also the details that set you apart.


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