November 21, 2012

feeling or expressing gratitude; appreciative

A few more things I cannot forget to mention that I am thankful for this year...

Tom Colicchio's Herb-Butter Turkey Recipe.  No joke... my dad has been using this recipe for years now and it is the best turkey I have ever eaten.  Ever.  Make it too and you will be converted from any recipe you have ever followed.

My group of girlfriends.  This handful of women (you know who you are) have made me a better person on so many levels.  You each have so many amazing qualities that are inspiring, honest, lovable and real.  I have had some of the best moments in my life with each of you at my side (hello! bachlorette dinner) and I know there will be hundreds more in our lives ahead.  

Traveling.  The want and need to see the world is an energy that runs deep in so many of us and the places to experience in this vast and amazing world are truly endless.  I am thankful for the deep burning will that runs in my blood to travel.  I have been blessed to see what seems like so much already and they are memories that I hold with such high regard.  From our big Disney World family trip as a kid, to my honeymoon in Greece and every long weekend away or overnight camping trip... I am so appreciative of them all.  

My relationship with my family.  Thank you for your support, respect, honesty, grace, humor, acceptance and endless love.  I cannot be more thankful for each of you.

The blogosphere.  I was introduced to you nearly two years ago and I have had the pleasure to be a part of this amazingly creative and open world where friendship are built, ideas are shared and people let you into their lives without any regret or holding back.  I am constantly inspired, in awe of people's honestly and blown away with the connections I have made.  


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