Weekend Update // Christmas

December 28, 2012
(Rocco's new harness  /  our new fancy trashcan from my sister  /  making homemade pies  /  Shannon and Liz at my in-laws  annual Christmas Eve party)

I feel like I celebrated my Blog Anniversary over a week ago now because time has flown by so quick over the last couple of days.  Christmas was absolutely wonderful... full of family, delicious food, friends, surprises, snow, puppies and just tons of love.  I truly could not have asked for anything more.  

(Peyton on Christmas morning  /  Ryan, Rosie, Luke and Grandpa Tito  /  my beautiful nieces  /  Ryan and I on Christmas Eve)

A major surprise way pulled off by my husband who bought me my a new camera that is sure to help make this blog look better.  I still need to figure out all of the features and its capabilities but I am just smitten over this new camera.  

(new camera!)

I am also 1/2 way through my 11-day staycation and have been having such a great time.  I will update you on all the fun in the coming week.

(my father-in-law and his daughter Ashley  /  Gina and CoCo after opening presents  /  Ryan's new whiskey  /  My dad, Rocco and Ryan getting ready to eat Christmas dinner)

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday.  I would love to hear what you did.


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