Eat This // Fried Fish Sandwich

January 30, 2013
Delicate fresh pollack dredged in cornmeal and lightly fried for a crispy crust, topped with a crunchy fresh cabbage slaw and a subtle aioli, then layered between two slices of toasted buttermilk bread.  Sounds too simple but that is what makes the fried fish sandwich at Jax Fish House so damn tasty.

When you have great ingredients, you do not need fancy preparations or showy presentations; you let the food shine and the sandwich I ate last week at Jax (now open for lunch after a major renovation and expansion of the space) was simple and finger-licking-good. Tim Harris, the best bartender in town in my book, suggested I add a squeeze of lemon to my fish and he was 100%  the recommendation   The addition of lemon added the right amount of acidity to the sandwich and really elevated the taste of each ingredient.

(Tim Harris; mixing drinks)

A perfect sandwich made better... who knew.  All I know is I will back, soon and often for this sammie alone.  


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