Academy Awards // Fashion Breakdown

February 26, 2013
Simple shapes.  Understated jewelry.  Red.  Navy.  Metalics.  Full, flowing dresses. Restrained elegance.  These were the trends for the 85th annual academy awards' red carpet.  I loved the approach that many stars took, going with the 'less is more' for their styling.  

I was a huge fan of Jennifer Aniston (even though many of the critics dissed her, what were they thinking?), Charlize Theron was devine in her white dior gown, Jessica Chastain was the perfect image of classic style with her berry-hued lips and I also must mention Naomi Watts in armani prive... omg beautiful!  Yet, may I also take a moment to ask, wtf Kristen Stewart, Brandi Glanville, and Helena Bonham Carte?  If you did not see their stellar looks, do a little online searching and let me know if you agree.  

(strong, bold, vibrant reds)

(full skirts, ruffles and volume)

(metalics in classic shapes and simple styling)

(a-line, straight forward, chic, understated, tried-and-true)

(cool, collected, nice and neat in navy)


  1. Jaime, it's not that I don't read your blog, sometimes I just have nothing to add :(


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