Flowy and Floral // Remix Challenge

February 20, 2013

(shirt (old)  /  The Limited pant  /  Michael Kors watch  /  Franco Sarto boots similar here  /  Banana Republic belt (old) but similar here)

I am not a huge lover of flower prints.  Often times the scale is too large and overwhelming or it is too small and gets lost.  Or I feel like I look like a child because the print is too pretty and cutesy.  Hopefully this top does not make me look like any of the examples above because it is one of my favorite shirts... the flowy fabric mixed with the repetitive print.  I took yesterday's black slim-leg ankle pant and paired them with boots, this flower print top and then cinched things together with a wide belt.  

If you are like me, you are looking less at me and more at the bad ass fence I am standing in front of.  Yes, this is a glimpse of the new fence my handsome and handy husband built that I will be debuting here on the blog soon.  Isn't she a beauty?  My backyard is definitely reaping the rewards of his labor.


  1. Loving your outfit post. I agree with you, I am not a hugh flowery kinda gal. But this looks good on you and the wide belt is great. We need to catch up soon! Miss you!


    1. Thank you so much Lisa, you always give such great compliments. We do need to catch up!

      - Jaime


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