Eat This // Gravlax & Bagel

March 26, 2013
Your next visit to palm springs better include a breakfast at king’s highway.  This old denny’s was converted into a mid-century modern diner located just outside the lobby of the ace hotel. 

I would suggest starting off with a pot of french press from stumptown coffee, the aroma and flavor is sure to wake you up for a delicious breakfast.  Then, order the gravlax and bagel; the local made bagel is fresh, light and chewy.  It’s accompanied by sea trout gravlax, house-made whipped cream cheese, pungent red onion, briny capers, marinated cucumber and some diced hard-boiled egg.  The presentation is deconstructed, modern and nearly too beautiful to eat. 


What I love most about this dish is how the ingredients pair so perfectly together and that you can literally taste how fresh each component is.  Even better, kings highway prides itself on sourcing local and organic ingredients so you know that each element of this dish was intentional and the best of quality.  Hurry up… you will not be disappointed.   


  1. Oh this sounds so nice right about now I am home sick with a cold! I lived in Seattle and Sumptown Coffee is great!

    Ali of

    1. Ali, I had never had Sumptown before and I hope to have it again soon because it was so tasty. Thanks for visiting my blog... hope to hear back from you again!

      - Jaime

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