Eat This // Taco Sushi

March 8, 2013
Chef troy gaurd has made a name fore himself in denver with countless accolades for his continental social food.  TAG restaurant is well-established and his other ventures, TAG raw bar, along with TAG burger bar, are on their way to be staples as well.

One of the tried and true dishes at TAG that I cannot help but order each time I visit (which might be more often than not, due to their liquid lunches and great sharing menu) would be the taco sushi.  Wonton wrappers take a dip in the fryer to become the perfect crispy vessel for sushi rice, charred and slightly seasoned ahi tuna and a bright mango salsa. The tacos are also served with a delicious guacamole that has hints of jalapeno, zesty lime and garlic.  Each ingredient is intentionally put onto the plate; they compliment each other without overpowering, resulting in a complex but simple flavor combination.  Taco sushi is the perfect 'first taste' to warm up your palette for a delicious and playful meal at TAG.


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