Kate Spade // Garden Grove Studs

May 4, 2013
Oh kate spade, how I love the.  Your ultra-feminine, classic and romantic style makes me swoon time and time again.  I have mentioned it here, here, here and here so you know my love is true.

This past weekend my husband and I popped into the new cherry creek retail shop which opened last month.  The graphic wall treatment of gold lamé bows, all of the bright poppy colors and of course, the endless fashion had my heart racing.  While there were endless items I would have loved to add to my closet, my bank account thought otherwise.  However, ryan saw these flower stud earrings and I could not get my eyes off them and he insisted on buying them!  I cannot thank him enough because they are gorgeous and will be the perfect spring/summer accessory to polish off so many outfit options.

Thanks ryan and kate... I love both of you! 


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