Weekend Update

May 6, 2013
My weekend started out on a high with a surprise hotel stay at the four seasons.  Ryan was busy with work a lot of the time, so, I brought rocco with me to hang out.  Rocco has been privy to stay at some very nice hotels in his short 18 months (more here and here); such a spoiled dog I have created!  We had so much fun walking around downtown and he took full advantage, sniffing and peeing on everything in sight.  

In between making multiple coffees on the in-room nespresso machine, we watched the sunset from the window, played fetch and took photos in the reflection of the elevator doors on our multiple trips to go potty outside.  I bet the security people watching us had a nice laugh at all our coming-and-going!

Luckily ryan and I found some time to have late-night martinis at the bar and a delicious dinner at one of my favorites, rioja.  

The rest of my weekend was pretty low-key; lots of coffee consumption, breakfast at the new neighborhood joint, maddie's, a beautiful thank you note from my lovely friend lindy and then some lounging on the couch.  

I hope you had a beautiful weekend too! 


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