Eat (Drink) This // Cucumber Soda

June 4, 2013
When the temperatures heat up and you are looking for something to cool you down, look no further than denver's hutch and spoon.  Their cucumber soda is reason enough to make a trip to this quaint spot, located on the boarder of the ballpark and rino neighborhoods.

The cucumber soda that h+s stirs up, includes a house-made simple syrup from muddled and pureed fresh cucumbers, soda water and a spoonful of ice.  The drink is effervescent from the bubbly soda and has a great crisp cucumber taste that goes down smooth.  There are other rotating soda varieties available including peach spice, black currant, pineapple-ginger and mandarin-lavender (and I have tried them all) but none are as balanced in flavor as the cucumber.

(my cucumber soda from last week, on the right)

On a hot summer afternoon, this is the perfect drink to quench your thirst.  I would suggest ordering the cucumber soda along with any of the tasty sandwiches or salads h+s have to offer.


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