30x30 Remix // Day 13

August 18, 2013
Nothing beats a casual saturday where the highlights truly are sleeping in, a late morning brunch and then having a quiet night in. I pulled this outfit together at the last minute to head to the store (so yes, I did spend the majority of my day in non-30x30 remix attire) but its my challenge and at least I participated on some level. I bought this skirt a few years ago when lauren conrad launched her clothing line at kohl's yet, I honestly think I have only worn it a handful of times. I feel like it is one of those pieces that just seem like such a great idea until you put it on. I am hoping this challenge will help me find some love for this skirt as I want to wear/like it much more than I do. 

 (j.crew chambray  /  lc lauren conrad skirt  /  american eagle belt  /  forever 21 glass necklace  /  the limited stud earrings)


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