30x30 Remix // Day 6

August 11, 2013
Denver has had some lower-than-normal temperatures over the last couple of weeks and a huge influx in rain. It's crazy that the mornings can start off sunny and beautiful and then the late afternoons turn into a mix of clouds, wind and down pours. I guess the positive to the lower temps is the ability to wear shorts but not roast away in a button down (if it was typical weather in Denver right now, tanks and tees would be the best way to beat the heat). The weather did turn ugly today but luckily I was able to snap these pictures before hand.

(j.crew button down  /  express shorts  /  target sandals  /  forever 21 gold hoops  /  allen lyle watch)


  1. omg you have all the model poses DOWN in your 30x30 photos, haha! Who's your photographer? Is it Ryan?

    1. ha ha ha... I guess looking at fashion blogs has paid off a bit. Ryan is the lucky photographer, however, if you asked him he might thing otherwise.


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