Mental Unload

August 12, 2013
This weekend was an emotional one and honestly, full of blessings and miracles that are beyond words. My grandpa has been sick for a very long time and sadly, his health took a major turn for the worst this past friday.

I got a call from my aunt on friday afternoon saying that my grandpa was back in the hospital and the prognosis was of the worst kind. His health took a major hit and doctors said his time was limited. It was a very shocking call, as I had just been to my grandparents' house earlier in the week and he was doing so very well. 

(my grandpa and I in 2009)

My initial reaction was fear; fear of seeing my grandpa so weak and fear of what was to come for both my grandpa and my family. I found strength though the support of my amazing husband, beth and my aunts/uncles to suppress my fears and go to the hospital and I am so glad I did. All of my immediate and extended family trickled in throughout the evening, coming together and putting everything aside for my grandpa. It was powerful and a true testament to the strength of our family. 

The following hours, evening and days following are nothing short of tiny miracles as my grandpa is still with us today. While he is not back in 100% health, the stubbornness, will to live and pure fight within him has brought his health back to a much better place. There is hope for him to go home with palliative care and for him to be with all of us a bit longer. I cannot imagine this would be the case without our family coming together against all odds. I truly believe that. 

So many emotions came over me this weekend and still are now but I truly appreciate everyone taking the time to read this post and support me through this. I know this was a bit of a mental unload so again, thank you for your patience. 

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  1. Oh my sweet friend - you have so much support and people walking with you through this trying time. Thank you for sharing...I love you!!! LYLAS.


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