Weekend Update

August 5, 2013
I can honestly say, this past weekend was a great one. It started out with very few plans beyond dog sitting for my parents, and an oil change but ended up being sprinkled with great friends, some golf and a delicious chicken enchilada dinner with family.

Friday night I picked up my parents' dog, rex and headed over to matt and lindy's house with ryan for an evening on their awesome patio. We had yummy blueberry mojitos and tons of tasty snacks. Saturday we dropped off my car for its first oil change (after 7 months of owning) and then met our friend brian to go play some golf at harvard gulch. The weather was awesome and the par-3 course was so laid back and fun. 

Sunday morning started off with a long walk with the dogs and a big cup of coffee. After some yard work and my parents coming to pick up rex, we ended the day with dinner at my in-laws. Ryan's mom made homemade chicken enchiladas which of course, were delicious. 

I love that I had time to get some things completed this weekend but also had time to enjoy my family and friends who live close by. Right now, the coming weekend is wide-open and I would be completely content with it being similar to the one I just had. Only time will tell I guess.


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