Weekend Update

August 27, 2013
Happy tuesday. A day late and a dollar short for today's weekend update but here we go...

Friday ryan and I joined my parents for a tasty steak dinner here. We don't often get together just the four of us so it was extra special to have such a fun dinner all together after a long week.

Saturday kicked off with lattes at my favorite local spot, steam espresso bar. Rocco then got a groom and we had breakfast at udi's cafe. A quick appearance was made at a friend's latin pool party before I had to go head home and get ready for dinner with my great friends matt & lindy and then we all made our way to mary's sparkle 30th bday party. We had so much fun and I hope to share more on her awesome party later this week.

Sunday was nice and easy. Ryan and I cleaned the house, grilled out with his grandparents and then caught up on our dvr. I love those evenings that just slowly tick away and make you feel so grateful for all that you are surrounded by. I hope everyone had a nice weekend too, here is to a long weekend to come after a few days in the office! 


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