Friday Fall To Do's...

September 27, 2013
Happy friday everyone. I will have some extra time on my hands this weekend and am already planning to take full advantage of it. Hopefully I will knock out a couple projects sometime between now and Sunday…


Put up my holiday decorationsgourdshay bails  spooky trees, light up pumpkins of all shapes and sizes and orange accents... my favorite month is almost here.


Reorganize my bathroom or hall closet - I talked about this a few months ago and never got around to it. I need some organization in these areas and there is no better time to do it. 

Paint my second bedroom - we painted our living and dining room earlier this year and I tackled our hallway and staircase to the basement just a couple months ago. I would love to give our guest room a fresh coat of paint too. 

Purchase a great smelling fall candle - all of the glorious scented candles make my heart melt... a new one for my favorite season is essential.


Plan out book club for next week - I am hosting book club at my house next week and have been inspired by a couple other bloggers to host a little craft project that is themed around halloween. Oh the fun... if I can pull it off.


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