West Elm // DIY Workshop Event

September 29, 2013
Last weekend west elm opened their doors, pulled out the craft supplies and brought in local bloggers for a diy workshop. The event was inspired by erica domesek's who is a style and diy expert and author of p.s. - ... your're invited. The idea behind the workshop was to take typical home accents and make them your own by infusing them with custom design. 

(my tray, book and scissors /  all the craft supplies set out for our workshop)

In the middle of west elm's showroom, a small group of ladies crafted away, creating custom designed lacquer trays with paint, metallic washi tape and hopes of designing something special. My sister-in-law krista joined me for this workshop and we each walked away with a unique tray to accessorize our home. We had such an awesome time customizing our trays, posting pictures to instagram (#pswestelm) and checking out the new fall line in the store.

(clockwise from top left:  krista and I with our finished trays  /  my tray and book + a signed note from the author  /  krista's used her tray to display her jewels and baubles  /  here is the whole group at west elm)

You can buy your own copy of p.s. - you're invited with the link below...

this post was not sponsored by west elm; these are just my thoughts which I wanted to share with you, my lovely readers after attending a west elm event.


  1. Wow, that looks super fun! What a great event!

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