Weekend Update

September 30, 2013
Welcome back from your weekend. I had some serious goals set for myself this past weekend (I wrote about them here) and guess what... I got a few of them completed and I could not be happier. 

Friday morning started with ryan and I having coffee at steam before heading off to work. I wish every work day began with a mandatory coffee date at the best place in town. When I got home from work I pulled out all of my halloween decorations and got busy making my home as festive as possible. I have a few things left to put out on the porch but otherwise I am really happy with the end result.

The best part of my saturday was having lunch with my grandma and family. We went to a mexican restaurant in her area and then helped (or should I say, attempted to help) my grandma install a new phone in her house. Afterward, I had a huge surge of energy to tackle my very disorganized linen closet so I started working on that. I cannot wait to share the final product because it really is a 180 transformation.

Sunday the broncos took on the eagles which meant I went to work to host my company's tailgate party. My family came down for the fun, along with 500 clients, and the weather could not have been better for tailgating; high 70s and a slight breeze. Oh how I love fall weather. I was also able to get in some great walks with rocco in the warm weather so I feel like I am really taking advantage of the season already.

Tonight I am picking up the final supplies I need for tomorrow's diy book club. I will share more on this soon too.


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