Birthday // 26

October 5, 2013
Ryan and I bought our house when we were 25. My birthday was 6 weeks later so we decided to combine both milestones together for a good old fashioned house party. We invited tons of our friends/family and they showed up in masses, filling the main rooms of our house with laughter, story telling and endless fun.

(ryan and beth making bread sticks)

Prior to the festivities, beth came over to help us make all the snacks for the party. These few hours in the kitchen for beth, ryan and me were productive but also hilarious as ryan messed up nearly every recipe he touched. Luckily, we had enough time to make new batches of everything before anyone arrived. As guests trickled in, we were so proud to show everyone our home and welcome them to this chapter of our life. 

(apparently something was very funny. I was also given a bday martini glass which I used to drink wine out of all night)

The party really heated up as the night went on and the drinks continued to flow. I remember making my way from a very full living/dining room through another group laughing away in the kitchen to then finally ending up in my very small office which was packed with even more people. Each room I entered I was greeted with gut-busting jokes people truly enjoying their time. At some point there was a congregation of people in the kitchen concocting shots and friends who were encouraged to light up some stogies in the house (I am going to blame ryan for that one!). 

(shots, always a good idea... well at least when it's your birthday)

All of these moments along with the endless photos taken that night are ingrained images in my mind of celebration at its best.  It could not have been a better night... the excitement of showing off our very first home and celebrating turning 26 with all the people we love was more than I could ever ask for. 


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