Birthday // 27

October 6, 2013
Three of my closest girlfriends are women I met at my current job. Only two of us still work for the same company but the 5 years of us all working together were the 'glory days' of this job. We were (are) thick as thieves, always together and the memories created with these 3 women are some I hold closest in my heart. My 27th birthday would fall into this very category.

(ashley, sara, me and beth enjoying drinks for my 27th)

The girls decided to surprise me with the most unusual birthday activity, a mystery dinner at a local playhouse. It was the most unexpected evenings but full of fun from beginning to end. Yes the murder mystery was a bit cheesy but I relished it. We laughed, snorted, howled and cried our way through the interactive dinner, got our palms read by a true gypsy and then went out for cocktails late into the evening hours. My girlfriend sara was very impressed and mesmerized by the palm reading; so much so, she decided to give me one in the car after the show ended. I wish I could remember the fortune she gave me but I would bet it included something I probably should not share on this little blog of mine. 

(my very hysterical and ridiculous palm reading from sara)

As the night went on, we had rounds of cocktails at a couple places downtown and finished up the night with a late-night gyro for each of us. The perfect ending to my 27th birthday celebration. These women, my friends, know how to make you feel so loved and special. Their selflessness is inspiring, their friendship never falters and their stories are bellyaching. 


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