Weekend Update

December 30, 2013
I took a few days off after christmas to squeeze in as much time with my family as possible but I am back now and ready to update you on all the fun. I had a great day with gina running errands, eating lunch at harman's and then having a cozy italian dinner at lala's on saturday night. Ryan and I joined his family to go see american hustle and listen to live music at black crown which was decorated beautifully for the holiday.

On sunday I finally took down my christmas decorations (well mostly, I still have the tree to go) and then busted out my barefoot contessa cookbook and made her minestrone soup with garlic bruschetta. Oh, and I finally started my month of unlimited yoga at corepower. I cannot wait to get my shavasana on for the next 30 days.

I am still going through all of my christmas photos and videos so I hope to have a post for you on my christmas festivites later this week. Until then, check out the flipgram I made of little rocco yesterday. It is all of his instagram photos over 2013. If you were unsure, yes, I am obsessed with him!


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