January 2, 2014

It's 2014. I am feeling refreshed from some much needed time off, empowered by the goals I have set for myself and grateful for all the wonderful things that happened in 2013. I however, am feeling a bit stuck on where to start this year... more importantly where to start this post. 

I want to do more, be more and put more accountability on myself for the path and decision I make. I want to achieve goals that are so big I don't think I have even put them into words. I want to get up every day with a jolt inside that makes me anxious to get out of bed. I want to love what I am doing so deeply I cannot imagine my life doing anything but. I want to push myself in ways that test my will, determination and inner strength... so much that I surprise myself. 

By no means am I saying I am unhappy with the life I have or the path I have taken thus far, it is actually the opposite as I love my life. I just know that I can be more which can only bring me to a better version of myself. So, with so much nervous energy inside me I sit here a bit perplexed on where to dive first. I hope I am not the only person to experience such a predicament and that you can relate in some small way. In the mean time, I am focusing on the positive, doing a lot of yoga and putting my energy into things that 100% make me happy. 


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