Trader Joe's

February 21, 2014
Denver finally got with the program on the grocery store front and opened up 3 trader joe's locations this past weekend. Being born and raised in colorado, I never truly understood the hype around it but after reading about the place on endless blogs and then making a visit, I get why trader joe's is different than other grocery store chains.

(clockwise from top left: crunchy cookie peanut butter  /  a welcoming painting when you walk in the store  /  tons of affordable flowers  /  trader joe's $2 charles shaw wine  /  the sign facing colorado blvd)

$2 wine (often referred to as, 2 buck chuck), allergy-labeled products, a beautiful flower department that won't set you back $20+ on an arrangement, a huge pre-made section full of grab-and-go items and low prices on nearly everything in the store... what's not to love? Also, they carry a lot of brands and products not available anywhere else which is a huge plus in my book.

Okay, one quick negative on my first trader joe's experience... it was stupid busy. I felt like I was back at the ikea opening almost 3 years ago. We waited 15 minutes for a parking spot and the check-out line was wrapped around the store so my visit was purely for the experience. I am guessing things will die down in a couple weeks once the shine wears off but holy cow. If you are planning on visiting the trader joe's off of 8th and colorado, go prepared.


  1. Is the two buck chuck still only $2? I thought the price went up!

    1. Technically it's 2.99 but I am classifying that as a $2 price. However, with tax it would put it just over $3 and change.


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