In Need of a Couch

March 26, 2014
This past weekend my husband and I put on our scrubbiest of garb and headed to our basement to do some organizing. 70% of our basement is finished and zero percent is used for anything but storage. For owning a 'smaller' home, it blows my mind that we under-utilize our basement to such an extent. So, in an attempt to right our wrongs, we are on a quest to get this space in functioning form.

Our main focus this weekend was the den space. When we first moved in 4 1/2 years ago, we changed out all of the lighting and painted the walls with the intention of making this our designated movie-watching area. Sadly, we never put all the pieces together and countless items have migrated to our den in a never-ending holding pattern of chaos. Amongst the home decor items that are currently out of rotation upstairs, we have a few key pieces that would work in a den; my great grandmothers antique hutch, a small white chair, an old coffee table, a 5x6' rug and a tv that puts us 1 couch away from a functioning movie-watching-zone. However, before we could even think about furniture arrangements, we needed to organize the 'stuff' that was cluttering things up.

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A couple hours of reorganizing our storage space (the 30% of unfinished basement) left us with a car-full of items for donation, a few boxes of junk to throw out and a consolidated storage area. The den is now clear of all randomness and after a good scrub down, we are ready to move some furniture around and make this space usable. The downside... we do not have any form of seating to bring in. I don't want to spend a lot of money (if any) and the stairs + landing into our basement are a bit on the narrow-side, so... my options are even more minuscule. In my dream world I would bring in a modular sectional with clean lines in a neutral color. I could pile up the couch with colorful pillows that would work with the artwork we hung up last night as well. However, in reality, I am not really sure what my options could be. 

Does anyone have an idea for my seating dilemma? Or how about a gorgeous couch you would like to give me out of the kindness in your heart? Yeah, I get it, I need to get creative but any suggestions you have I would gladly take.


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  2. I feel your pain. Couch/chair shopping is such a pain in the butt...AND expensive. Have you checked out AFW?

  3. I tried looking on AFW's website but it was not the best site. I am going to need to make a trip to one of their stores and check things out. Thanks for the great tip.

    - Jaime


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