From my heart...

April 8, 2014
Today I feel like there are shiny sparkling objects everywhere I look and I cannot seem to focus on any of them... or a thought for that matter.... for more than a moment before I am then spinning in another direction. Note to self: this causes difficulty in coming up with a focused post with some thought and meaning behind it.

Have I lost you already? Are there any readers still interested in what is to come next? (I am not sure if I really want to know the answer to that). So, I am just going to write from my heart today...

(ryan and i in sydney in 2011)

While my mind spins in a million directions of fuzzy ideas and blurry images, there is one constant that comes into focus and brings a smile to my face, my husband. I see his dark brown eyes piercing into mine and hear his infectious laugh like he is standing right in front of me. I can picture us talking about nothing and everything as we cook dinner in our kitchen. I hear us singing our versions of song lyrics throughout our house. I can hear him playing with rocco just a room away. Between random thoughts and unconscious ideas flowing in and out of my mind, my husband is the constant, as he has been for nearly half of my life. Nearly every good thing that has ever come my way has been with him by my side. 

Love is a powerful thing that I cannot even begin to wrap my brain around it but I feel it's ever-pulling energy lighting up my life from the inside out. And with my day being a bit all over the place, I cannot be more grateful for the constant love of my husband being ever present in my mind. 


  1. This is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, friend. I vote for more posts like this! I love it. You look SO much like Gina in this picture. I first thought it was her! That's a compliment to the both of you. :) LYLAS!

    1. Oh you are so sweet, thank you friend. I feel like writing about those I love comes naturally and often times easier than other posts so I will try to incorporate more often.

      LYLAS and miss you so much!


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