Raw Beauty

May 7, 2014
I just read monika’s post about raw beauty on her blog, the doctor’s closet, and it got me thinking about the image I put out in the world every day. On my blog, I rarely if ever post a photo of myself without makeup (unless you count instagram photos that have so many filters applied you cannot tell). And for the fashion posts I occasionally do, lets-be-honest, I have countless photos taken to get a shot that I would deem-worthy to post on the internet. In my real life, I will occasionally run errands sans-makeup but typically throw on at least some bronzer + mascara before walking out the door.

Furthermore, I cannot lie that I dye my hair, apply fake tanner and paint my nails to slightly change/enhance what I look like in a ‘raw state’. I am not sure if this beauty regiment stems from magazines, pop culture or my peers but I have developed a mindset over time that the best version of myself is not what I look like in the morning, but instead, after I have primped myself in the bathroom.

I have so many girlfriends who wear minimal makeup (if any) and are always glowing. I honestly wish I felt confident enough to do the same more often. While I cannot say definitively it is from wearing makeup since middle school but the confidence I have in my ‘raw state’ is seriously lacking compared to the latter.

I do need to take a moment and say, my confidence in a ‘raw state’ has significantly improved over the years solely because of my husband. He gives me more compliments and adorations when I am fresh out of bed, wrapped up in a towel straight from the shower or lounging around on the weekend in my pjs. While confidence should not be based 100% by the feedback you get from another person, I am human and I am constantly a work in progress so  #donthate. I am truly grateful he sees a beauty in me that I often times over look.

Today I am taking a big step (in my book) by following in monika’s steps and posting some photos of my raw self. I am going to use this post as a reminder that raw is beautiful and to not be afraid to share this side of me more often.


  1. Great post and you are beautiful! xo

    1. Thank you so much Lisa. I appreciate the positive feedback on such a personal post.

      - Jaime

  2. I can relate to this a lot. Thank you for sharing! As you stated, I am constantly a work in progress. ☼ Shine on!


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