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May 8, 2014
Wow, just last week I got swept away to san francisco for an amazing weekend in my favorite city. Now, only a few days later I am looking at my schedule to see that I have a couple more trips coming up soon. I am not a novice traveler but I am also far from a jet-setter so I always like to do a little pre-planning before I head off for a trip. 

One of the areas I never fault on is writing out a packing list for every trip I take. I also pay close attention to my carry on bag, making sure I bring items that can play double-duty once I land at my destination. Navigating busy airports is easy in comfy shoes and are perfect for a day of sight-seeing. Oh, and staying warm in cold airplane cabins is simple with an over sized scarf that I can then throw over an outfit for dinner on the town. 

What items can you not live without when traveling? 


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