Chicago // Recap

October 17, 2014
I mentioned earlier this week that ryan whisked me away to chicago for the weekend to celebrate my 31st birthday and I have finally sorted through all our photos (I took a ton!) to share today. 

(john hancock building's bar on the 95th floor  /  smile  /  views of chicago  /  looking down on lakeshore drive  /  john hancock building from the ground)

To start, I had never been to the 'windy city' before but it was at the top of my list of destinations to visit. And the city did not disappoint. Honestly, it might have been one of the best trips I have been on in a very long time.

The energy.
The fresh air.
The food.
The friends we got to spend so much wonderful time with.
The views.
Oh and the food... again!

(views down the river out to lake michigan  /  walking around millennium park  /  the infamous bean  /  gorgeous foliage in so many shades)

Our friends chuck and jaime hosted us for the long weekend and put so much time planning activities, dinners and exploring for us prior to our arrival. It seems like we popped in and out of so many neighborhoods throughout our 3 days too... the west loop, lakeview, lincoln park, de paul, the loop, michigan ave and logan square. We had amazing dinners that I am already wanting to relive at chicago q and the publican plus endless tasty cocktails at drum bar, bar takito, la sirena, the signature room and lone wolf.

(ryan and I sight seeing  /  deep dish pizza at uno  /  brownstone steps decorate for halloween  /  millennium park)

We spent 2+ hours in the year-old eataly restaurants/shops... gobbling up fresh pasta, sipping wine and drooling over the cases of charcuterie, fromage and pastries. My favorite activity of the weekend was the architectural boat tour we took on friday which gave us great views of the city. Learning about all the architectural styles was also really fun and made me appreciate even the simplest of buildings in the skyline so much more. We of course had to eat some authentic deep dish pizza too, so we bellied up to the bar at pizzeria uno which swore they were the first deep dish restaurant of the city (but I am guessing this might be up for debate by anyone born and raised in chicago).

(views of the city on our architectural boat tour)

Our last day, my actual birthday, was celebrated with brunch at longman & eagle, a hipster spot that had a great bloody mary and some seriously delicious duck hash and cheesy grits! After brunch we strolled the streets of armitage ave, enjoying the sunshine and brisk fall air. I did not want the day to end as I knew that meant our departure of a city I was falling head over heels for.

(jaime x2  /  entrance to chicago q  /  subway  /  publican dining room  /  birthday bloody mary  /  publican signage)

Simply put, chicago stole my heart and I cannot wait to go back. I think my love for urban metropolis mixed with coastal views is why I feel so connected to chicago... just like my other favorite u.s. city, san francisco. My 31st birthday really kicked off with a bang; thank you to ryan, chuck + jaime for making it one that I will never forget!


  1. Beautiful post, friend! I could go for a bloody right about glad you had such a fun trip! You deserved it all. LYLAS!

  2. Love this post! So many great pictures from your visit!! We had such a wonderful time with you guys!!! Come back :) Happy we got to help you celebrate!!!
    xoxoxo Jaime


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