Weekend Update

October 20, 2014
Happy monday! The weekend was gorgeous and filled with fun from friday to sunday. We had dinner with friends at work and class, celebrated my sister's recent engagement + new home, plus spent some quality time with ryan's sister who was home from college for the weekend.

I am so grateful for friends + family, they are the most important priority in my life. This weekend included a lot of time with them too... from snuggling lindy + matt's handsome son wade, to yatzee games late on saturday evening, scary movies to get me even more excited about halloween and then of course, meeting my sister's soon-to-be extended family. 

Oh and I must mention, the broncos kicked the pants of the 49ers last night AND peyton manning made nfl history by throwing the most touchdowns of all time, 509! It was such a fun game to watch and I was a bit envious of my brother-in-law luke who got to attend the game. #pfm


  1. psssttt....Manning's record it's 509 not 409! ;)


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