November 25, 2014
feeling or expressing gratitude; appreciative

hand written notes. There is no better feeling when opening your stack of mail, aka bills, and you see a card or note from a friend. Hand written notes are nearly a lost art but they show such effort, thoughtfulness and care. 

my parents. The relationship I share with my parents is invaluable. I love that we are so close and can do things together like friends, but I still know they will be there to guide and support me when its needed.

pinterest. Having a digital place to save all your favorite things to reference whenever you choose... such a brilliant idea. I can find inspiration daily on this site and I am never short of ideas for dinner, what to wear, diy projects, workout routines and the list goes on. Pinterest, i am thankful for you.

forgiveness. I think accepting wrong-doings is hard and it is not a skill everyone is good at. A lot of people also have a very difficult time forgiving when they have been hurt. I greatly appreciate when people can accept an apology or even better, accept a situation that may never get the apology it deserves; it shows such deep character. 

snow days. They come far and few between but on the occasional winter day where the weather is so bad you can stay home in your pjs, watch movies curled up on the couch and eat warm soup to keep the chill away, those days are cherished like gold. 


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