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July 13, 2015
July 13th has always been one of my favorite days of the year. Why you might ask? Well the answer is a given, it is my sister’s birthday!

This day has always been spent celebrating my best friend… through happy hours, fun dinners at trendy restaurants, lavish surprise parties or even good-old-fashioned family get togethers. I have always gotten a little geeked-out planning the perfect celebratory event in gina’s honor, staying up way too late figuring out the most minute of details or shopping for hours to find the perfect gift. July 13th has always been a day that I look forward to with so much excitement.

(gina and I celebrating my 30th birthday a couple years ago... we spent the day together in boulder and the laughs had me in tears the whole day)

I doubt I will be celebrating with gina this year but my deepest hope is for her to know my heart is with her today and every day… wishing her the happiest year to come.

I love you pooks... happy 33rd! 

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  1. I feel like these photos 100% sum up your and Gina's love and friendship. I love seeing those bright eyes and HUGE smiles! XOXOXO


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