The Fence Is Up

February 22, 2013
Many of you will remember the endless posts I wrote last summer as my husband and I completely renovated our back yard.  We tore out the horrible 'landscaping' the previous owners of our home put in, along with the hundreds of weeds that accumulated over the last 2 years of us not tending to the space (we knew all along that we would redo the backyard).  We laid 900 sq ft of concrete, had a sprinkler and drip system installed, laid new sod, brought in 6 tons of dirt, 9 tons of rock, planted a dozen new shrubs and 3 pine trees along with purchasing our first real patio set.  It was a ton of work but the end result is truly amazing.

(from top:  our backyard with the fence down  /  the old broken fence  /  Ryan hard at work  /  the holes were dug for the posts, ready for cement)

But... there was one major thing that we never got around to which was fixing the fence along the back of our yard.  We had to take it down multiple times for the cement truck, rototill, dump trucks, etc. and after every take down, Ryan would jimmy-rig the fence back into place but it was never as secure as it was originally.  So, over the past few months, every time the wind would blow or a storm came in, down went our fence.

(the posts were set in cement and ready for the next step  /  the fence up, just waiting for the gate)

This past weekend the temps were in the high 50s so we decided to tackle this fence once and for all.  We made a trip to Home Depot for supplies that I mentioned in my weekend recap here, Ryan dug new holes in the ground for the 4x4 boards to go, we whipped up some cement and I helped hold the posts level as Ryan filled the cement in.  

The following day, Ryan and his dad spent the afternoon screwing in the horizontal 2x4s, building a gate and attaching all of the posts.  I cannot believe how great the final product looks.  The gate is honestly my favorite part as it is extra-wide, perfect for a wheel barrow, our recycle bins or for future projects down the road.

(the final product.  i love how bright the trees look against the new wood)

I could not be happier and am so grateful for my husband's hard work as it really has paid off on our home.  

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