Camping Trip // Video Editing with Magisto

August 6, 2013
During my summer camping trip a couple weeks back, I took a lot of videos of our stay at wellington lake. I was inspired by my friend phil who documented his recent trip to catalina island through an awesome video that he edited from all his footage. You can watch it here

While I am not one tenth as tech savvy as phil, I did find a free video 'editing' site that will take the footage you upload, along with your images and it will create a video for you. The site, magisto, has pre-set video editing styles to choose from along with music to create a soundtrack. While you cannot edit the content you upload, it still does a pretty solid job on its own. Check out my video below...

this post was not sponsored by magisto; these are just my thoughts which I wanted to share with you, my lovely readers.


  1. OMG! I've never heard of this site, but the video you made is adorable. The girls are so sweet! Love it!!

  2. I like the effects of the video! And it seems way easier than manually editing like I do. What did you use to record the video?


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