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November 21, 2013
Last week my sister-in-law krista and I attended our 2nd west elm diy event for some crafting fun. Inspired by the blog, the house that lars built, west elm put together all the supplies needed for handmade paper flowers. 

Unlike the lacquer tray event that I wrote about here, (where there were less than a dozen in attendance) this one had nearly 60 people in attendance. It ended up being really great though because west elm set up crafting stations all over the store. So in between flower making, you could peruse all of the beautiful holiday decor... and pick out some items to add to your chirstmas list!

At the end of the night, we each walked away with a handmade paper flower and all the instructions to make dozens more. I think these flowers would make a welcoming bouquet to an entry way or add some texture and height to a holiday fete in the coming weeks. Krista ended up buying a mercury glass vase and I picked up this painted bowl to put all my nespresso pods in. 

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  1. Hi! I was at that event too, it was really fun! It looks like yours turned out a little better than mine did, ha ha! Love your blog, I just found you through the West Elm Denver twitter! -Tracy (homesweetfirsthome.com)


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